GAMH Annual Reports

GAMH’s Annual Report 2019-20 published

GAMH has published its first Annual Report since becoming a charity in May 2019. The report covers the period from May 2019 to March 2020 and includes a description of activities as well as a detailed financial summary.

GAMH’s trustees stated that, despite very limited financial resources and staff capacity, significant progress was made towards the achievement of GAMH’s objectives. Organisational governance was strengthened, membership increased and the membership scheme was improved, communications with members and with external stakeholders was enhanced and GAMH’s profile was boosted by the Engendering Men’s Health conference in particular. The year ended with the production of a major report, From the Margins to the Mainstream, well underway and with the organisation well positioned to respond to the threat of COVID-19. The charity was able to carry forward funds totalling GBP 14,367.00 into 2020/21.

29 November 2020

GAMH’s Annual Report 2018 published

Writing in GAMH’s Annual Report 2018, Chair Anthony Brown  says:

This has been a year of consultation and planning for Global Action on Men’s Health.

2019 will see us complete the necessary work to incorporate the organisation. This will increase our ability to promote the importance of men’s and boys’ health with international and national policymakers. We still want to see more nations introduce men’s health policies that acknowledge the positive roles men and boys can and do play in improving their own health, the health of their families and communities, as well as defining action to ensure that men and women enjoy the same health outcomes and access to health care.

GAMH exists and works as a global partnership. I would like to thank everyone involved, not least the Executive Committee for their hard work, especially Wendy Poage our Vice Chair and Martin Tod our Treasurer. The person who keeps us all together is Peter Baker, our amazing Director. For an organisation of such modest means we have achieved a lot, thanks mostly to Peter’s hard work and dedication.

And finally, thanks to all of our members. It is your work with men and boys that continues to inspire us.

The previous year’s Annual Report is still available.

8 February 2019