Annual Reports

GAMH’s first Annual Report published – December 2017

Writing in GAMH’s first Annual Report, which covers the period since the organisation’s launch in 2013, Chair Anthony Brown says:

This has been an exciting year for Global Action on Men’s Health. Our membership has grown and we are starting to see international agencies taking a greater interest in men’s and boys’ health.

The World Health Organisation’s European office is developing a men’s health strategy for the 53 counties in the European region. GAMH is working with WHO Europe to bring together men’s health organisations in Europe (many of whom are GAMH members) to inform this work. GAMH will continue to work with WHO and other agencies to encourage the development of men’s health policies regionally and globally.

While there is the start of interest in men’s health at a global and regional level there are still only 4 countries with specific national men’s health policies: Ireland, Australia, Brazil and Iran. Each of these countries have had some challenges in implementing these policies but each has reaffirmed its commitment to men’s health.

During 2018 we will be working to formally incorporate as an organisation this will make it easier to receive funds and formalise our relationships with members and other stakeholders. It will also involve drafting a new constitution. This will be a major piece of work for the new Executive Committee during 2018.

And, finally, we owe a debt of gratitude to Peter Baker, our hard-working Executive Officer. Peter continues to make new connections for GAMH and represent us at meetings and events. Thank you, Peter.