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We are helping to make sure that health policy and health services take better account of men and boys. Currently, globally and on average, men die at the age of 71. We can do better.

Donations help us to increase our influence and achieve the changes that are urgently needed. They can be made, using the link below, by PayPal and most credit/debit cards.

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Controversies in Men's Health will look at how men’s health needs are being met by HCPs, covering topics from mental health to the latest technologies for early diagnosis and what can be improved.

Thursday 23 May online.


In sub-Saharan African countries where homosexuality is legal, gay and bisexual men were twice as likely to have ever tested for HIV compared to countries where it’s illegal, according to a BMJ study

In men with obesity, a 12-month intervention consisting of text messaging with financial incentives resulted in modest but statistically significant weight loss compared with control. #ECO2024

If male suicide rates had been the same as women’s from 1999-2022, we would have lost 545,000 fewer men to suicide. (For comparison that's about half the total number of deaths to Covid-19).

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