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Australian Men’s Health Forum

The AMHF is an alliance of organisations, service providers and individual men and women, actively engaged in or interested in addressing the physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, educational, social, spiritual, sexual and relationship needs of men and boys in Australia and any other issues that impact on them. It has a focus on the social determinants of men and boys’ health and have a diverse membership that includes clinicians, researchers, members of men’s groups, and providers of health and community services to men and boys.

AMHF is a forum where different experiences and viewpoints on working with men are welcomed and discussed. Every two years, AMHF hosts the Austsralian Men’s Health Gathering, the premier men’s health event in Australia.

More information about the Australian Men’s Health Forum can be found here.

Canadian Men’s Health Foundation

CMHF is a national registered charity whose mission is to inspire Canadian men to live healthier lives.

CMHF envisions a nation in which men not only actively care for their health, but also in which Canadian society values the final piece of the family health puzzle.  Through a new social awareness campaign with Canadian men, CMHF seeks to motivate men and their families using health information and lifestyle programs in such a way that they can hear, absorb, and act.

CMHF has recently launched a national campaign to build awareness of men’s health issues, change attitudes and then change behaviors to improve men’s overall health. The campaign, ‘Don’t Change Much’, is built around the concept that small steps become habit, and habit becomes a healthier lifestyle. Click here for more info about Don’t Change Much.

Private donors, government grants and private corporations have provided funding for CMHF.

More information about the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation can be found here.

Danish Men’s Health Society

Men’s Health Society, Denmark, is a multi-disciplinary organisation dedicated to the field of men’s health in all its aspects.

The Society has organised Men’s Health Week in Denmark since 2003, involving more than 200 participants around the country. The Society disseminates publications and organises and participates in national and international conferences and meetings. The Society leads the Men’s Health Forum, Denmark, a body for 42 organisations from all areas of society dedicated to working for better health for men.

During 2014, the Forum received grants for around €1.4 million for the work with men’s health in Denmark including research, education for health professionals, development of male-friendly health information, and establishing Men’s Sheds to bring men together and improve their well-being.

More information about the Danish Men’s Health Society can be found here.

Men’s Health Education Council/Prostate Conditions Education Council (USA)

Men’s Health Education Council was launched in 2012 and was developed in conjunction with the Prostate Conditions Education Council.  The goal of the Men’s Health Education Council is to advance the awareness, advocacy, and education of men’s health and to help men, boys, and families to take actionable steps to improve and manage their health and well-being.  The collaboration will allow the organizations to expand their reach to include even more men, boys and their loved ones who care about them, healthcare professionals, key thought leaders, and other stakeholders in men’s health.

Prostate Conditions Education Council (PCEC) was founded in 1989 and is a non-profit organization.  A national organization committed to men’s health, PCEC is the nation’s leading resource for information on prostate health.  PCEC is dedicated to saving lives through awareness and the education of men, their loved ones, as well as the medical community about prostate cancer prevalence, the importance of early detection, and available treatment options, as well as other men’s health issues. The Council is comprised of a consortium of leading physicians, health educators, scientists and prostate cancer advocates and aims to conduct nationwide screenings for men and perform research that will aid in the detection and treatment of prostate conditions.

Combined, PCEC and Men’s Health Education Council have a network of over 5,000 medical professionals and 25,000 patients.  Each year they host hundreds of events across the United States from men’s health screening events, educational seminars to awareness projects to fundraising events.

More information about Men’s Health Education Council can be found here.

More information about the Prostate Conditions Education Council can be found here.

Men’s Health Forum (Great Britain)

MHF is a charity that works to improve men’s health services and the health of men. Through advice, research and campaigning, MHF aims to reduce the deaths of men and boys who die too young simply because of preventable health problems.  MHF works across a number of health and related issues including cancer, workplace health, mental health and access to services and focuses particularly on those groups of men with the worst health.

In 2013,  MHF was appointed as a strategic partner of the Department of Health, NHS England and Public Health England. MHF now works alongside government to help health providers and third sector organisations improve the health of men and boys.

More information about Men’s Health Forum (Great Britain) can be found here.

Men’s Health Forum in Ireland

MHFI was established in 1999, and is a diverse network of individuals and organisations, men and women, from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It is a Company Limited by Guarantee and is accepted as a charity by the Revenue.

The Forum is, primarily, structured, organised and run using the expertise, resources and enthusiasm of volunteers. However, MHFI employs a full-time Director of Operations to help it to achieve its aims.

MHFI seeks to promote all aspects of the health and wellbeing of men and boys on the island of Ireland through research, training, networking, information sharing, practical health initiatives and advocacy. Core areas of work currently include: providing executive support for the implementation of the ‘Healthy Ireland Men Action Plan’; the coordination of Men’s Health Week activity in Ireland; contributing to the ‘Engage’ National Men’s Health Training Programme; the development of new resources; action research in the field of suicide prevention for men in the construction industry; and providing a local information hub on men’s health issues.

More information about the Men’s Health Forum in Ireland can be found here.

Men’s Health Foundation / Stiftung Männergesundheit (Germany)

The Men’s Health Foundation was founded as a non-profit organisation in Berlin in 2006. It is the only men’s health organisation in Germany and aims to improve men’s health through education and information, to encourage self-care by men and to strengthen research about men’s health. It encourages the improvement of targeted health promotion for men and health promotion in companies. Since 2010, the foundation has published several men’s health reports, including the First German Men’s Health Report – a pilot report, 2010, Men’s Health Report – In Focus: Mental Health, 2013, Men’s sexuality – Third German Men’s Health Report, 2017, and Men and the transition to retirement – Fourth German Men’s Health Report, 2020.  The HAROW research study on the different treatment options for prostate cancer with more than 3.000 patients, was concluded in 2016; a follow-up study has been launched to monitor those patients for five more years.

Men’s Shortened Life Expectancy Day has been celebrated on 10 December each year for the past five years in Germany with increasing public interest. The Foundation is advocating a men’s health strategy for Germany together with other institutions and networks.

More information about the Men’s Health Foundation can be found here.

Men’s Health Network (USA)

Men’s Health Network is a non-profit educational organization whose goal is to improve significantly men’s health, longevity, and quality of life.  MHN reaches men, boys and their families where they live, work, play and pray. MHN’s goals are achieved with awareness campaigns, data collection, surveys, symposia, and collaborative projects with a network of community health partners. MHN conducts awareness and screening campaigns in workplaces, public venues, and conferences, and promotes awareness periods such as Men’s Health Month in June and International Men’s Health Week (leading up to Father’s Day). MHN has a presence in every US state and over 30 countries.

More information about MHN can be found here.

Movember Foundation

The Movember Foundation is a global charity raising funds and awareness for men’s health.

These funds deliver breakthrough research and support services to allow men to live longer, healthier lives. Since 2003, millions have joined the men’s health movement, raising AUD $580 million and funding over 850 programmes through impact investments, focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.

The Foundation runs awareness and fundraising activities year-round, with the annual Movember campaign in November being globally recognised for its fun and innovative approach to raising money and getting men to take action for their health. During Movember, men are challenged to grow a moustache or to make a commitment to get active and MOVE, both of which are about real action for health and are done to spark conversation and raise vital funds and awareness.

The Foundation’s vision is to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.

More information on Movember can be found here.


Promundo works to promote gender equality and create a world free from violence by engaging men and boys in partnership with women and girls. Promundo believes that working with men and boys to transform harmful gender norms and unequal power dynamics is a critical part of the solution to achieve gender equality. For the empowerment of women and girls to continue advancing, men and boys must see themselves as allies in the process. Men and boys also benefit when harmful norms are challenged. The organisation’s research, programmes, and advocacy efforts show that promoting healthy masculinity (or positive notions of ‘what it means to be a man’) and femininity (or ‘what is means to be a woman’) leads to improvements in men’s own lives, and in the lives of women and girls.

Promundo’s programmes strive to create change at multiple levels: in addition to working with individual men and women, it uses campaigns and local activism to build community support, and advocate with institutions and governments to adopt policies and scale up programmes that reinforce personal and social change.

More information about Promundo can be found here.

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