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Center for Research on Men’s Health, Vanderbilt University (USA)

The Vanderbilt University Center for Research on Men’s Health is a university-wide center in the U.S. that focuses on men’s health and men’s health disparities. Founded in the Spring of 2016, the Center seeks to improve men’s health by understanding and addressing biological, psychological and social factors that influence men’s health.  Men’s health outcomes are more than the sum of biology and behavior. They are also the result of factors that influence behavior: gender, cultural, sociological and attitudinal. In a pioneering way, the Center for Research on Men’s Health examines all of these factors to form a more holistic picture that benefits men, families, healthcare practitioners, service providers, academicians and policymakers. We have particular expertise in the health of African American men, but we also do research on other men in the U.S. and across the globe.

More information about the Center for Research on Men’s Health can be found here.


Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities (USA)

The Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities (CSMM), established at Stony Brook University (SUNY) in 2013, is dedicated to engaged interdisciplinary research on boys, men, masculinities, and gender. Its mission is to bring together researchers, practitioners, and activists in conversation and collaboration to develop and enhance projects focusing on boys and men. This collaboration will generate and disseminate research that redefines gender relations to foster greater social justice.

The Center is committed to fostering a world in which everyone, regardless of race, gender, or sexuality, reach their full potential as human beings. It supports and promotes research that furthers the development of boys and men in the service of healthy masculinities and greater gender equality. CSMM seeks to build bridges among a new generation of researchers, practitioners, and activists who work toward these ends. This unique collaboration will enhance the quality and impact of research, and enable a more informed policy and practice.

More information about CSMM can be found here.


The Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health (Australia)

The Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health at the University of Adelaide (est.2007) is a centre of excellence in men’s health research. The Centre brings together, trains and supports a network of researchers spanning the three South Australian universities, the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, other research institutes and health services. This network extends to collaborators nationally and internationally.  The Centre aims to advance understanding of conditions that contribute the most to ill-health, loss of independence and workforce participation and premature death. By translation of its research into public knowledge and health policy and practice, the Centre  aims to reduce the long-standing differences between the sexes and between different sub-populations of men, in health and health outcomes.

The Centre’s research programmes transect three themes: preventative health and health services, clinical and population health with a focus on chronic disease, and basic science with a focus on reproductive health and prostate cancer. The Centre promotes a transdisciplinary and social determinants approach to its research, recognising the heterogeneity of biological, socio-cultural, economic and political factors influencing health and social well-being.

More information about the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health can be found here.


Men’s Development Network (Ireland)

The MDN is a developmental and consultative organisation that works on four levels; locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Building on all men’s humanity and ability to connect, MDN works to better men’s lives by addressing the social determinants, social conditioning, gender conditioning and gender-based role stereotypes that cause harm to men and women. MDN works from the belief that a society where men and women are free from the negative effects of these factors will lead to better lives for both sexes.

Through its Men’s Health Programme, MDN has been actively involved in promoting key health and wellbeing themes with and on behalf of men, through its range of community development work and training across Ireland. The focus of all of all its work is based on a strengths/salutogenic orientation towards awareness raising, signposting and supporting positive behaviour change.

More information about MDN can be found here.


MIU Men’s Health Foundation (USA)

The MIU Men’s Health Foundation is a non-profit organization launched by the doctors of the Michigan Institute of Urology — Michigan’s largest subspecialty urology practice—dedicated to promoting the awareness education, research and treatment of prostate cancer and men’s health-related issues.

The MIU Men’s Health Foundation is dedicated to supporting men’s survivorship, embracing their dedication to choosing to know about their health and their choice to ‘Fight Like a Man’ to protect it. To achieve these goals, The MIU Men’s Health Foundation introduced Fight Like a Man International and its signature events, The Run for the Ribbon and The Men’s Health event, among other initiatives.

The Run for the Ribbon is a 5k Run/Walk that takes place each Father’s Day at the Detroit Zoo. The event helps raise crucial funds dedicated to promoting the awareness, education, research and treatment of prostate cancer and men’s health related issues. The Men’s Health Event takes place at Detroit’s Ford Field each fall. The event provides men a better understanding of how to stay healthy, screenings for some of the most treatable diseases, assessment of their current health, and education about current health topics and news. Men aged 18 and older, with or without health insurance coverage, have access to a variety of free health screenings, educational seminars and on-site medical professionals.

More information about MIU Men’s Health Foundation can be found here.


Partnership for Male Youth (USA)

The Partnership for Male Youth’s (PMY) mission is to identify and address the unique and unmet health care needs of adolescent and young adult (AYA) males, or males between the ages of 10 and 27. PMY is a pioneer and the only US national organization with this sole mission and focus. Founded in 2013, its boards of directors and advisors include leading physicians, social workers, psychologists and other experts on AYA male health. The Partnership is composed of over 25 national US organizations and has representation from six US federal agencies.  PMY’s goal is to move beyond a strictly medical model to address the social determinants of health as defined by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Since 2013, PMY has compiled the first comprehensive database of all known scientific literature pertaining to AYA male health (it is available in open access online format), published a weekly newsletter that contains reporting on scientific and lay literature relevant to AYA male health, developed and distributed an adolescent male health self-assessment tool and companion clinicians’ guide to assessing adolescent male health risks, and is currently planning organising the 2018 National Summit on Adolescent and Young Adult Male Health, a groundbreaking conference that will be held in Washington, DC in the spring of 2018. Information on that summit is available here.

More information about Partnership for Male Youth can be found here.


Prostate Cancer Centre, Calgary (Canada)

Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre is a one-stop premier medical facility for men with prostate cancer in Southern Alberta, Canada. The Centre is entirely patient-focused, guiding and supporting men through the entire process. Its programs and services include:

  • Rapid access to a Urologist
  • Treatment options seminar hosted by a Urologist, Medical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist
  • Active surveillance
  • Post-operative care
  • Education and intervention for bladder incontinence, intimacy and erectile dysfunction
  • Classes for: exercise, nutrition, physiotherapy
  • Androgen deprivation therapy and counselling
  • World-Class prostate cancer research facility
  • The MAN VAN™ program

The MAN VANTM is Canada’s only mobile men’s health clinic. It offers Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood tests to men aged 40 to 80 as well as measurements for blood pressure, blood sugar and waist circumference. The Prostate Cancer Centre also partners with the Calgary Counselling Centre.

More information about the Prostate Cancer Centre can be found here.