Men’s Health Week

International Men’s Health Week 2018 kicks off on 11 June

Men’s Health Week is 24 years old this year. It began in the U.S. in 1994 following a Senate Joint Resolution to establish the Week by Senator Bob Dole. President Clinton signed the bill on 31 May. The Week was linked to Father’s Day in the U.S. (the Week always ends on that the Day, the third Sunday in June) and it became an international event in 2002 when it was first marked in the UK. It has since been adopted in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand and beyond. The Week provides an opportunity for a wide range of organizations and individuals to draw attention to the poor state of men’s health, organize activities that engage men, and advocate changes to health policy and practice. In short, it puts men’s health on the map both nationally and globally.

This year, Global Action on Men’s Health is highlighting how global health organisations have consistently overlooked men’s health.

Our latest report, Hiding in Plain Sight: Men’s Health and the Response of Global Organisations, is being sent to a range of global organisations with a request that they take action on men’s health and that GAMH can offer expert advice and support.

The report’s key messages include:

  • Men’s health is problematic at the national and global levels.
  • There has been a marked lack of action on men’s health by the world’s most influential global health institutions
  • There are some encouraging signs of progress, including the forthcoming WHO-Europe men’s health strategy and national men’s health policies in four countries.
  • Sustained and effective action on men’s health would improve outcomes for men themselves, women and children and represent a cost-effective investment for health systems.
  • The Sustainable Development Goals have created a new opportunity to address men’s health because many of the key health issues included in the health targets disproportionately impact on men.
  • A comprehensive range of actions is now needed from global health organisations, including assessing the needs of men in the communities they serve or with respect to the issues they address, defining gender appropriately in their policies and programmes, disaggregating their programme data by sex, recognising that interventions that take account of gender differences are likely to achieve better outcomes and committing themselves to actions that benefit both men and women and contribute to gender equality.

Information on what is happening during Men’s Health Week around the world is available here.

Please note: The version of the Hiding in Plain Sight report linked from this page will soon be replaced by a better-designed version.


The 2018 Week runs from 11-17 June.

5 June 2018





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