Corporate affiliates

GAMH offers corporate partners the opportunity of joining an affiliation scheme. More information about the scheme is here.

Our corporate affiliates are:


Regimen offers a different approach to treating erectile dysfunction (ED). It believes that ED drugs address the symptom but not the cause of erectile dysfunction. This is often rooted in some combination of a lack of physical activity, being overweight and a poor diet.

Regimen provides men with a personalised app-based step-by-step programme that uses a cognitive-behavioural approach focusing on diet, exercise and relaxation. New users are asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire about their sex lives, which results in a generated score of 1–25 on the International Index of Erectile Function. Using this score, the app then chooses videos clips of strength and breathing exercises as well as tips for a ‘potency boosting’ diet (based on fruit and vegetables, fish and nuts). The starter programme lasts 12 weeks, during which time users should experience a significant improvement in their erections. After this, the app continues to provide longer-term support.

More information about Regimen is available here.

Note: Corporate affiliates have no decision-making powers within GAMH and affiliation does not imply that GAMH endorses any product or service.