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GAMH offers corporate partners the opportunity of joining an affiliation scheme. More information about the scheme is here.

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Regimen offers a different approach to treating erectile dysfunction (ED). It believes that ED drugs address the symptom but not the cause of erectile dysfunction. This is often rooted in some combination of a lack of physical activity, being overweight and a poor diet.

Regimen provides men with a personalised app-based step-by-step programme that uses a cognitive-behavioural approach focusing on diet, exercise and relaxation. New users are asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire about their sex lives, which results in a generated score of 1–25 on the International Index of Erectile Function. Using this score, the app then chooses videos clips of strength and breathing exercises as well as tips for a ‘potency boosting’ diet (based on fruit and vegetables, fish and nuts). The starter programme lasts 12 weeks, during which time users should experience a significant improvement in their erections. After this, the app continues to provide longer-term support.

More information about Regimen is available here.

Note: Corporate affiliates have no decision-making powers within GAMH and affiliation does not imply that GAMH endorses any product or service.

New Swiss research confirms that women had higher testing and positivity rates than men from Covid-19, while men experienced more hospitalisations, ICU admissions and deaths. Male mortality was most marked in lower socio-economic groups

Promoting healthy eating to men may have positive health benefits but it can also reinforce traditional ideals of masculinity which can be more problematic for health. Interesting article in Men's Health Network

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