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Men's Health Policy Reports

This section of the website contains links to policy reports on men’s health.


European Commission (2011). The state of men’s health in Europe report.

WHO Europe (2018). Strategy on the health and well-being of men in the WHO European Region.

Wilkins D, Savoye E, eds (2009). Men’s Health Around The World: A review of policy and progress across 11 countries.


Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing (2010). National Male Health Policy. Building on the Strengths of Australian Males.

New South Wales Health Department (1999). Moving Forward in Men’s Health.

New South Wales Department of Health (2009). NSW Men’s Health Plan 2009-2012.

Victorian Government Department of Health (2010). Men’s health and wellbeing strategy – background paper.


Spindler E (2015). Beyond the Prostate: Brazil’s National Healthcare Policy for Men.


Esmailzade H, et al. Devising a National Men’s Health Policy Document: The Current Challenges to Men’s Health in Iran. International Journal of Men’s Health 2016;15(2):174.


Baker, P (2015). Review of the National Men’s Health Policy and Action Plan 2008-13. Final report for the Health Service Executive.

Department of Health (2016). National Men’s Health Action Plan: Healthy Ireland – Men HI-M 2017-2021. Working with men in Ireland to achieve optimum health and wellbeing

Department of Health and Children (2008). National Men’s Health Policy 2008-2013.

New Swiss research confirms that women had higher testing and positivity rates than men from Covid-19, while men experienced more hospitalisations, ICU admissions and deaths. Male mortality was most marked in lower socio-economic groups

Promoting healthy eating to men may have positive health benefits but it can also reinforce traditional ideals of masculinity which can be more problematic for health. Interesting article in Men's Health Network

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