Corporate Affiliation

GAMH is pleased to offer corporate partners the opportunity of joining an affiliation scheme. This offers partners:

  • Shared intelligence about developments in men’s health in individual countries and globally, provided via the eBulletin
  • An opportunity to share information and network with GAMH members
  • A profile on the GAMH website via a dedicated page
  • An opportunity to support and contribute to GAMH initiatives and projects
  • Early alerts about GAMH events and registration at discounted rates
  • An annual online detailed discussion with the GAMH Director and appropriate GAMH Executive Committee members about current issues of mutual interest

Corporate affiliation is available for GBP 2,500.00 a year.

Affiliates will be asked to sign GAMH’s Declaration of Support before their application can be considered by GAMH’s Executive Committee. Corporate partners have no decision-making powers within GAMH, the funds provided will be treated as unrestricted and affiliation does not imply that GAMH endorses any product or service.

Corporates interested in the affiliation scheme are asked to contact GAMH’s Director, Peter Baker, for a discussion. Peter can be contacted via

Our corporate affiliates are shown here.

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