From the Margins to the Mainstream: Next Steps

From the Margins to the Mainstream: Next Steps to achieving the inclusion of men’s health in policy was published on 3 November 2020.

Global Action on Men’s Health’s previous report, From the Margins to the Mainstream: Advocating the inclusion of men’s health in policy (published in June 2020), aimed to identify the barriers to progress in men’s health policy, the opportunities for advocacy work to advance men’s health policy and, finally, how policymakers could be more effectively engaged. GAMH discussed this report’s findings at two webinars and invited its members and others to share their views. The Next Steps report summarises what we now know following this consultation and how GAMH will make the case for the essential change that is so urgently needed.

The report sets out GAMH’s four main calls for action:

  • International, national and local men’s health policies, with effective governance, funding, implementation and monitoring.
  • Gender and health policies that include men.
  • Men’s health to be included in all appropriate health policies, in areas such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, mental health, sexual health and diabetes as well as COVID-19.
  • Education and training programmes in gender generally and men’s health specifically for health policymakers and practitioners.

To make our advocacy work more effective we will:

  • Identify men’s health policies that are focused and aligned with current health global policy priorities.
  • Develop an approach based on ‘proportionate universalism’, equity and intersectionality.
  • Support gender equality.
  • Support calls for more diverse leadership in global health policy.
  • Seek the publication of a definitive report which collates and analyses the state of men’s heath at all levels.
  • Make the case that investing in men’s health is cost-effective.
  • Build alliances.
  • Work with the Lancet’s Gender and Health Commission.
  • Develop closer relationships with WHO officials globally and regionally.
  • Emphasise the significance of male gender norms.
  • Promote a positive view of men.
  • Develop practical guidance for policymakers, practitioners and service providers.
  • Commit ourselves to becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation.
  • Secure the funding we need.
  • Our two priority policy areas for 2020/21 will be COVID-19 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

3 November 2020

‘Men have long been forgotten in the provision of primary healthcare services’ - article in @NursingTimes by nurse consultant Jane DeVille-Almond.

We welcome Kenton Boston to his new role at @menshealthfdn and look forward to working with him to promote men's health in Canada and beyond.

On 22 April, we’ll host the first free masterclass of the #PROTECTEUROPE project, with Margaret Stanley of @IPVSociety and Beatriz Serrano Carro of @ICO_oncologia

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