GAMH is committed to developing projects that promote the health and wellbeing of men and boys globally.

Men and Self Care Project

In 2016, GAMH collaborated with Sanofi on the development of a comprehensive global survey. This was conducted among 16,000 demographically representative adults across eight countries (Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States) and examined attitudes towards men’s health, in particular self-care. The report, Men’s Health: Perceptions from Around the Globe, was launched in November 2016 at a meeting in Brussels (Belgium) attended by policymakers and practitioners at which GAMH’s Director gave an introductory presentation.

More information about this project is available here.

GAMH has continued to develop its relationship with Sanofi and funding has been approved for a project on men and self-care.

This will:

  1. Build on the successful work done on the Global Men’s Health Survey
  2. Develop a better understanding of the field of men and self care
  3. Demonstrate the potential for improvement in men and self care, including developing men’s use of pharmacy services
  4. Explain the rationale for policymakers and practitioners to take action on men and self care
  5. Identify relevant case studies illustrating good practice in the field
  6. Ultimately, improve men’s health outcomes through better self care

A report will be produced on men’s beliefs, attitudes and behaviours concerning self care, examples of successful interventions by health and other organisations, the potential for improvement, and recommendations for action on research, policy and practice. The project will take a global perspective, take account of the diversity of men between and within countries and consider how self care can be improved for men with the poorest health outcomes in particular. A survey of professionals working in the men’s health field as well as a literature review will inform the project.

The project is supported by an advisory group comprising:

  • Dr Austen El-Osta, Acting Director, The Self Care Academic Research Unit (SCARU), School of Public Health, Imperial College London
  • Wayne Hartrick, President, Canadian Men’s Health Foundation
  • Dr Matt Maycock, Learning and Development Researcher, Scottish Prison Service College
  • Dr Chirk Jenn Ng, Malaysian Clearinghouse for Men’s Health and Professor, Department of Primary Care Medicine at University of Malaya
  • Dr Gillian Prue, Men’s Health Forum in Ireland and lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery at Queen’s University Belfast.
  • Dr David Webber, President, International Self Care Foundation

The project is due to be completed in late-2018.