Get involved

How to get involved

International Men’s Day on 19 November is an opportunity for everyone interested in raising awareness on the issues that affect men’s health and well-being to get involved. The following are some examples of ways you could also take part.

Share on social media: Use the hashtag #Men4SelfCare to spread the message that self-care has a key role to play in men’s health. Click here to access social media cards – including some amazing GIFs – that you can use to get a conversation going.

Talk to the men in your life: The results of this survey highlight the important nature of self-care for men’s health. Share the results with the men in your life – from children to parents, and partners to friends.

Write a blogpost about International Men’s Day and Self-care: Help others to learn more about self-care and what it could mean for men’s health and our society by writing a blogpost about it. Write it from the perspective of your own personal experiences or use some of the information on our website for further inspiration.

Host an event to discuss the role of self-care for men: Whether you are planning a conference, seminar or webinar the information in this survey and its background material makes a great discussion topic. Set up an event where you can discuss the findings and ways that your organisation or individual supporters can make a difference.

Turn into policy: Use the survey findings to inform the development of policy on men’s health or self-care and to make the case for a new approach.